About Community Groups

Northshore Church is reaching many people for Jesus Christ, and it can be difficult to build relationships with others within the church if you only attend on Sunday mornings.  The first church in history experienced miraculous growth when 3000 people accepted Christ and were added to the church that day (Acts 2:41).  And we follow their example by dividing into smaller groups to mature in the faith alongside other believers in Christ (Acts 2:42-47).

That is why we created Community Groups -- ongoing small groups that focus on connecting with God (Bible Study) and each other (Fellowship) while reaching out to your community with the Good News of Jesus Christ (Outreach). Community Groups are formed in a variety of ways.  Some groups go through a particular Bible or book study.  Other groups are formed by a similar life stage or demographic group.  Many groups also share a common interest, activity, or outreach ministry.  So, get involved in a group today, and begin to share and do life with others who are on the journey with Christ as well.   

How to Find a Community Group

Finding a community group is a simple process:  

1.  Click on the button below to find a community group via our group finder search engine.
2.  Search for a group that is in your area or in a particular category.
3.  After finding a group, please let the leader know that you are interested.
4.  If you are already in a group, you can create an InFellowship account to keep up with your group. 


Community Group Discussion Guides

Our community groups can choose what they want to use for bible study curriculum, but as a default, we provide discussion guides based on the previous Sunday's sermon.  Click on the link below to view a list of the previous sermons and discussion guides.  

Click Here To View Sermon Discussion Guides